Top 7 Best HID Headlight Kits with Reviews – 2017

They give a cleaner final look. The particular kit used here is the one sold by LateModelRestoration. Now passenger side replaced with LED: Final with both LEDS: Those “lobes” above the main area were much less pronounced to my eyes, especially in the case of the LEDs. These are the highest color temperature available in both lights and the HIDs have a much higher color temperature than the LEDs. I think I would have preferred something between the two, but that was not available for the LEDs.

How to Install an HID Kit

Provided by the Motor Vehicle Lighting Council www. If you’re looking to improve the coverage of the, be easily during night time traffic and add a cool new look to your bike, Motorcycle HIDs are exactly what you need! And we several options to choose from too!

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HID Kit Installation Guide

Most magnetic HID ballasts are multi-tap, meaning they can be connected to several different voltages. Here we display wiring diagrams for metal halide probe start , metal halide pulse start and high pressure sodium HID ballast kits. If it is high pressure sodium, it is supposed to do that when the bulb reaches the end of it’s life and needs to be replaced. It is called cycling.

If it is metal halide, it is usually the capacitor that needs to be replaced.

Duratec HID LIGHT Different colors bulbs Feature 3 35 and 55 Watt ballasts Feature 1 Electronic Ballast Last 2 times Longer Save $$ and time Feature 2.

They have a built in fuse so a inline shouldn’t be necessary. You have a switch for your bright side so a toggle switch won’t be necessary on the right side. You have a red and black going into your stock bulb. Plug the black wire into the neg leading into the ballast. The toggle switch goes inline and should be installed on the stock red wire for the left side headlight. It’s only a on and off switch. The acc on the switch is to light the switch up and shouldn’t be used at all.

Once you have installed the switch, connect the wire from the switch to the ballast and the ballast to the bulbs. Turn the bike on and turn the left side lo beam toggle switch on and your Lo beam HID light should light up. Then hit the right switch and the brights should turn on. Nothing is connected to the battery. It’s all using your existing headlight wires.

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I just recently started selling LED lighting and wanted to create a quick how-to for installing them. This is only in reference to the ones I sale so i cannot make any comparison to others on the market. I have seen the housing break where the retaining clip attaches. Do not force anything. Try to avoid putting any excessive pressure on the retaining clip. I take no responsibility for any damages caused to you or your vehicle.

JHPUSA is a company that specializes in aftermarket automotive and oem performance parts. We are a retail, wholesale and e-commerce company.

These instructions can be used for most HID kits on the market. Many HID kits come without great instructions. We have tried to simplify the process for you. Feel free to post any specific questions in the comments section below. Disconnect the negative black terminal first, followed by the positive red terminal. Step 2 Connect the HID kit to the positive terminal of your battery.

Fisher Intensifire HID Install.

Remove the existing halogen bulbs from the vehicle refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for instructions. Some vehicles require more work than others due to their unique bulb housings and may necessitate the headlight housing and bumper to be removed entirely during installation. The bulb should sit where the original bulb was located and the bulb connector should be connected to the bulb.

The relay should be connected to the original bulb plug.

Jan 16,  · I purchased a set of aftermarket HID’s and attempted to install them tonight. I have installed many of these kits but the one obvious hump was the fact that the prius doesn’t have a conventional battery to hook up the positive wire and relay.

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How to Install an HID Kit

We will start installation from opening the hood in the sunny day and looking at the back of your headlight: Now in order to install the HID bulb to the housing it will be easier to put the bulb into the headlight assembly: Now we have the bulbs installed on the both sides and proceed installing the Ballasts — device that makes the HID bulb light up: After connecting the Ballast to the bulb we need to hook up the beam selection wire and the Ballast to the Relay harness.

Here is the wiring on the ground: Hooking up the Ballast — you can also do it 1 way.

Diode Dynamics is pleased to announce the LED Driving Light Kit for the Subaru WRX/STi. This kit includes a pair of SS6 Stage Series 6″ White Light Bars, bracket set, and a wiring harness.

What this means is the power and ground wires of your vehicle’s stock harness are reversed. To reverse polarity on HID headlights, you must rotate the 2-pin oval connector on the HID ballast by degrees in order to reverse the orientation of the plug. To reverse polarity on LED headlights, you simply rotate the connector which plugs to your vehicle’s factory harness by degrees. It is an issue with the vehicle’s factory wiring orientation.

Halogen bulbs are not affected by polarity therefore some car manufacturer may have their polarity reversed. If your HID kit or LED kit still doesn’t light up after reversing the polarity, your headlight fuse might be too weak. Upping the fuse by 5 amps might do the trick. This is a similar issue as above, the polarity of the connector’s pins are not correctly aligned. Bi-Xenon HID kits have 3 pins on the harness connector for ground, low beam and high beam connections.

How to Install an HID Kit

Because of this every time I heard about someone working on one I would get scared and not even want to help with it — it is an AWFUL install! This particular truck was dated September of and used bulbs. The first step was to get the new LED bulbs to actually fit inside the housing!

Canbus 3 and up Cars. SUPER CANBUS KIT HID kit SUPER CANBUS. HID BiXenon Moving Kit W/wiring. HID Ballast Hid Ballasts. HID Bulbs Our AC bulbs Works with DC Ballast. SMD QUAD 1Y Warranty, 4 COB SMD, The Brightest you can Get. Tow Hook Front, Rear. .

The procedures should be very similar for all Passats.. But the Passat has a metal bracket bulb holder, also found on some other cars like the BMW 7 series that makes it a little trickier. Hid upgrades can be added to any vehicle but IMO, only cars with a projector style headlight, like the Passat, are a good candidates. Well the with reflector headlights, depending on the car, the bright Xenon lights can get out of control and glare oncoming traffic.

Choose a trust worthy and compatible HID kit: To Avoid bulb out errors it is advisable to buy an error free kit. The built in resistors will mimic the behavior of your old halogens keeping your vehicle happy. Cheaper kits tend not to be error free and cheap error free kits tend to be troublesome and costly in the long run. Be smart and go for quality and value for money. Not cheap made in China! You will also want to think about the colour temperature you would like to go for k will be white with amber hint, k will be white with blue hint and k will have a stronger blue hint.

Often the colour you see on vehicles with factory fitted Xenons is k even tough the bulbs are k originally.

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