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Downloading these apps before you get to China can make everything a whole lot easier, as it alleviates problems with the language and can help you get your bearings. That’s why we’ve listed the top 10 most useful China apps for travelers, whether it be language, directions, traveling, taxis, or restaurants. Language Apps Pleco Free or Upgraded Version In terms of getting to terms with the Chinese language , Pleco is one of the best language-learning apps, and will also save your time if you can’t read things such as menus, signs, or can’t translate a tourist attraction name into Chinese. You can either input using pinyin the alphabetic system of Mandarin , or you can draw out characters in order to translate them. The dictionary from English into Chinese is also very good. Learn Chinese Mandarin Free or Upgraded Version A great beginners’ language app with sets of key phrases for the most important parts of traveling. Greetings, general conversation, numbers, directions and places, transportation, eating out, and emergency are all included in the free version.

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Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. More than , Mormons have used Mutual, a dating app for the faithful. CNN Benjamin Brown is a glasses-wearing lawyer who flavors his language with words like “heck” and “gosh. Mormon doctrine holds that intrafaith marriage — a union to another Mormon inside the church’s temples — is essential for salvation in the highest level of heaven.

A great beginners’ language app with sets of key phrases for the most important parts of traveling. Greetings, general conversation, numbers, directions and places, transportation, eating out, and emergency are all included in the free version.

Users in the region will have full access to Spotify and a “fully localized Arabic Spotify service with right-to-left text alignment,” the company said in a statement. Fans of Spotify SPOT could previously only access its services by using accounts registered in other countries. The company is also launching a platform on its app to offer Arabic music globally, it added. By moving into the region, Spotify is taking on Deezer, a French company backed by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in the battle for a market of more than million people.

In August, Deezer signed an exclusive agreement with Rotana, a Saudi-based media company owned by Prince Alwaleed, to distribute its content. Taking on Deezer and Anghami Spotify and Deezer will both have to compete with Anghami, a music streaming service based in Beirut, which launched in Anghami has been combating pirated music in the region.

It now has more than 70 million users. Many people were commenting on Twitter about Spotify’s arrival in the region. It was among the top trending topics in the United Arab Emirates on Thursday.

22 reasons Tinder is the absolute WORST dating app

Read more Learning languages made easy with AR Learning languages made easy with AR Hueber Verlag, the traditional Bavarian publishing company specialized in language learning textbooks, has been Read more Lufthansa Innovates Aviation Demonstration With Augmented Reality Lufthansa innovates aviation demo with augmented reality Instead of shipping and installing costly demo equipment to be displayed at trade Read more Remote AR:

Email App for GMail for Windows 10 Free Email app is the client for GMail site loaded in a browser that works on Windows PC, Tablet, Phone and Hololens.

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Print Get our weekly picks of what to do this weekend and the latest on Philly’s arts and entertainment scene. As a young adult in the age of the smart phone, dating apps are certainly not a new concept for me. I downloaded Tinder along with the rest of the millennials, but eventually the messages of late-night desperation became more of an annoyance than an amusement, and I decided the storage on my phone could be put to better use. And then I happened upon Tastebuds. A music-based dating app has the potential to be a success in ways that Tinder never could have.

Nov 11,  · Android Apps & Games. Looking for the best Android Apps & Games? Android Forums has you covered with endless discussion on all the apps in the Google Play Store!

It also supports tutorial mode – Press and hold on any role to learn what it does. To use, tap the gear, then tap the Edit button in the Background rectangle, then tap the Alien button. Verbose Doppelganger – On by default. This makes the Doppelganger much more accessible to new players by listing the roles that need to do their night action right away when the Doppelganger views them. Pause button – This button now appears at the bottom of the screen during both the nighttime narration and the game timer.

Expert mode – stripping out all the instructions except wake up and close your eyes and a few others as needed , this makes nighttime fly by. All Roles Available and number of roles selected indicator – All the roles in the game are now shown, whether those roles wake up at night or not. All non-waking roles are placed at the bottom of the list.

Swiping for salvation: Why Mormon singles put their faith in a dating app

Share this article Share The film begins with ‘Are you clean? The models, including Thomas, 43, reply. While Rhualdri, 26, recounts his grooming methods: Rhualdri responds to ‘You’re a walking disease mate’ by saying ‘I mince more than walk.

The endless gloom will affect your dating life. Seattle is the most overcast city in well, the universe probably, and the weather will affect your personal life in several ways: the lack of.

An abominable traffic situation that has already bled outside of the Metro Manila area. A strange and disturbing pivot to a foreign power that is known for political repression, human rights violations and, perhaps most pertinently, a history and, indeed, a persisting track record of taking undue economic advantage of other countries, even going so far as to undermine our sovereignty and the integrity of our territory, and to blatantly exploit our natural resources.

A leader who is intolerant to criticisms, who crushes dissent and has made vulgarity and bullying a standard behavior. What are their interests? She then tried to list the likely reasons why the A and B classes saw nothing wrong with the situation: Is it because theirs are not the sons and the daughters being murdered in cold blood? Is it because theirs are not the homes and the privacy being invaded, they with their high concrete and steel gates hiding behind the security of gated communities?

Is it because theirs are not the homes being ravaged by martial law and armed conflict? Is it because they are not daily wage earners who have no choice but to battle through heavy traffic just to earn a measly living?

Facebook begins testing new dating app

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Make your life easier in every way with these essential NYC apps. Go to the content Go to the footer. Close. The best apps for New York City. If you use the app’s “speed dating.

WOWT — One of the suspects in a string of robbery charges linked to alleged dating app set-ups that turned into metro holdups appeared in court today. Jordan Kellogg, 20, is accused of seven counts robberies and one attempted robbery. Janonta Liggins, 17, was also arrested in connection with these crimes. Terrell Brown, 20, was taken into custody in the course of the investigation on a weapons violation. The hustle allegedly used dating apps to lure men to locations where they were robbed.

At least eight men were victimized over the course of a week – targeted by fake dating app profiles. Police say that in each case the young men were lured to northeast Omaha where they were met by armed thieves. Omaha Police said Kellogg was connected to the robbery after some of the victim’s cell phones were recovered from a ecoATM. Kellogg sold the stolen cell phones that could be traced to several robberies. As part of the transactions, Kellogg was photographed and had to provide a photo ID.

Officers also found Kellogg used stolen credit cards to buy hundreds worth of merchandise from Nike. Police subpoenaed information from of Nike on the transactions and found Kellogg used his personal email account during the order.

Metro restaurants following national trend of ditching plastic straws to reduce waste

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is an awesome free Philippines dating site with new girls joining us daily! Keep checking back as we have new Philippina singles every day with Manila girls, Cebu girls, and more living all over this beautiful island paradise!

AR dating simulation game This dating simulation game, based in Taiwan and Japan, allows players to receive text messages from their favorite characters and meet, or even go on a date with the augmented characters at real locations. The choices made during the virtual date result in different game endings. By Toii Working with Wikitude has always been a pleasant experience. The SDK for Unity3D is easy to use and the documentation is clear for our dev to integrate with the game. At the beginning of the game, players receive a text message informing where to meet with augmented reality characters.

The main characters are inspired by the famous KRT Girls — four anime-styled characters that are the official mascots for the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit.

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In the video, people from Latin American and Eastern European communities talk about their experiences of love, sex and relationships as people living with HIV in London. What’s dating like when you’re living with HIV? Dating when you’re living with HIV can often be difficult. Prejudice and stigma around HIV mean people often aren’t sure when to disclose their status or how to handle their partner’s reaction.

The mobile app locates and shows the status of bike stations and available bikes in Washington, D.C. Capital Bikeshare is a regional program that provides more than bikes dispersed to + locations throughout Washington, D.C., and Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia.

Share this article Share Tinder, like many dating apps, requires people to log in using their Facebook profiles, which users say adds a certain level of trust. Facebook, after all, is built on knowing people’s real identities. Your Tinder photos are your Facebook photos. Users can reject or accept potential mates with a left or right swipe of their finger. If both people swipe right on Tinder, the app flashes ‘It’s a match! Because messages can only come from a person you’ve ‘right-swiped,’ unwanted advances are filtered out.

The system avoids one of the more vexing problems of older-generation dating websites, where users, especially women, can become inundated with messages from unwelcome suitors.

Dating app robbery suspect appears in court

Following his debut, there is no looking back in his professional career. He grew up along with his four siblings and studied at the Parkway North High School. Later, he attended Morehouse College after moving to Atalanta. His mother got him a laptop and through the music production software FruityLoops, he started making beats. Metro Boomin’s Career Boomin began his music career by collaborating with several artists whom he met online. Juiceman was the first popular artist who agreed to rap on Boomin’s unique beats.

Facebook Login is a great way to plug into your user’s social network, offer a more personalized experience, and accelerate viral adoption of your apps.

I am a homosexual young adult seeking advice about kitten play. I find it very intriguing, and I’m wondering where to start. It’s a turn-on when someone calls me kitten, but I’m not sure how to express my kink or desire for kink play to the person or persons I am into. Any advice would be appreciated. I am a homosexual not-so-young adult without much advice to offer where kitten play is concerned. A female cat is called a queen, a male cat is called a tom, and a group of cats is called a glare.

But Amp Somers, who hosts the kink-friendly sex-ed show Watts the Safeword, assures me that gay kitties are definitely a thing. Most importantly, and this goes for all proper pet players, there are no actual animals involved in this play. Please don’t confuse gay pups or kitties with gay bears or otters.

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