How to hook up a sub to a car without an amp?

It also works in reverse, your altenator will start to charge one battery, and then there will be a surge as the second one starts to charge. The idea of hooking your stereo to the deadend of the battery cables, is to make it easier for the cables to run everything. Now, say you stomp the thottle in a gas motor, and a sudden surge of power is needed in the ignition system, if your amp is drawing from the reserve i. Now of course in a diesel, there is no igition system since the motor works off of compression right? Now if there were two batteries and in this since one would be a spare, which would be the same on a diesel after it was started the sound system would draw the amps from the spare battery, draining it intil the altenator restored power to the battery, since a hard surge was all ready coming from the ignition system it would in turn drain the other battery intil the altenator restored the power to that one as well. Now if you still wanna argue, at this point there would be nothing further I could try to explain. The reason this isn’t an issue on most trucks is because the prefered side i.

How to hook up a sub to a car without an amp?

February 3, I have the AMP and am currently using it to power my 2 front speakers in my 7. Would the AMP be able to power the subwoofer in addition to my 2 front speakers? Also, which subwoofer do you recommend of the two noted? The location would be lower front left corner of room approx. Thank you for your help!

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Wire subwoofers in your car by parallel or series Having problems with wiring your subwoofers? Well, watch this video tutorial to see how to wire subwoofers in your car by parallel or series. You’ll see exactly how to hook up the speakers to your car amp, either in series circuit or parallel circuit. It just depends on what y Choose and install a car amplifier If you just got some banging new subs for the trunk of your car, then you’re just about ready for the ultimate car stereo.

But what kind of amp are you going to get to power those subwoofer speakers? Learn about the basics of car amplifiers in this video from Sonic Electronix, It doesn’t matter if you download or stream your tunes, you are part of a massive group of users who do exactly the same. While statistics are a bit foggy on how many smartphones users download mus Wire a car amplifier and subwoofer inside your house This easy to follow silent and accurate video will guide you quickly and easily through what you’ll need, like a Power Supply, a sound system that has a Subwoofer Pre-output and a High Input adapter, which may already come with your amp.

First learn what colored wires should

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March 30, , I want to run the tops in stereo, and the bottoms in bridged mono, using the built-in crossover. Here is what I think is right

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I have a much better understanding of ohm cooking. I have two combo amps. One is a Fender Superchamp X2. The one speaker out jack that the internal speaker is connected to says Minimum 8 ohms. The other amp is a Vox AC10 with a speaker out jack of 16 ohm. I found the Bugera TS On the back it has a 4ohm mono jack and a 16ohm mono jack. I know the Vox will work best through the 16 ohm mono jack. I think the Fender would work fine going to one of the jacks with the stereo switch engaged knowing that the output would only come through one of the speakers.

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The stock BMW setup is that the full front channels go to the underseat subs first then on to the doors, so you’ll need to split this so you can power the sub and doors independently. Basically you’ll take the front line-out from the head unit and run to your line-in on the amp. From there you’ll run new speaker wiring to the underseat subs, use ch on the amp and run in low pass.

For the doors, again you’ll run new speaker wire from ch from the amp down to where you cut the wire from the sub, you want the wire that goes to the doors. Feel free to try and run the new cable into the doors, it’s a complete PITA so I would be inclined to use the stock wiring from the sub to the doors. The crossover will use the wiring into the doors, you just need to split this out to the mid and tweeter.

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Amp cuts off at high volume

Whether it’s an installation that might not have gone as planned, or a random problem that comes out of nowhere. Here is a list of your common car stereo problems, symptoms and solutions to help get your stereo up and running! Many Jeeps and Chevrolet systems have a data signal wire that carries a very low voltage signal that tells the OEM Head Unit when to turn on, however; it is not compatible with aftermarket units.

If you have a voltage meter or a test light, test the ground black , constant 12v yellow , and accessory 12v red wires to make see if you have the correct voltage in the correct wires, as well as a good ground.

Dec 16,  · amp cuts off at high volume My amp cuts off when I turn it up at high volume . And then back on at a lower volume – Jl Audio /1 Car Audio Amplifier question.

If you play AND sing The Roland AC is by far my favorite. It’s not the loudest It’s not the loudest of the bunch and it doesn’t have the effects of some, but what it does have is a clarity of sound -especially for vocals. All the amps I mentioned are great for acoustic guitars. I couldn’t really tell you which is truly the best for that.

But the Roland shines if you want to sing along with a guitar. With it’s smaller size and the carrying case, it’s much more portable than the others. Also of note is an output for a subwoofer if you choose to extend the sound range. I would go for the AC with the 8″ speakers if I could afford it. But I’m more than happy with the AC

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Class AB amps combine the good points of class A and B amps. They have the improved efficiency of class B amps and distortion performance that is a lot closer to that of a class A amp. With such amplifiers, distortion is worst when the signal is low, and generally lowest when the signal is just reaching the point of clipping.

Jun 27,  · Im trying to hook up a sub to the new cd unit to my girlfriends car without an amp. How can I do that and what do I need to connect it.. Aggiorna: Well the head unit has good wattage and the sub is only a JL 8”.Status: Resolved.

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How to install subwoofers with a factory radio – 2010 Ford Fusion